Additional / Specialty Fly Line

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Rent This Rod is proud to exclusively offer Scientific Anglers fly line as part of our rental packages.  After all, premium rods and reels can't perform to their fullest potential without premium line!

Our freshwater rod/reel rentals automatically come equipped with SA Frequency freshwater fly line (and backing) installed on the reel.  Conversely our saltwater rod/reel rentals will come equipped with SA Mastery Grand Slam fly line installed on your saltwater reel.  These fly lines are included in the rental rates we charge.

Whether you're headed to Bolivia to hook some Golden Dorado, Brazil to chase Peacock Bass, or even Kiribati to try your luck on some Giant Trevally, we realize that you may have alternate, specialty fly line needs. We are happy to accommodate virtually any SA fly line you might need, for any line weight, for any species, for an additional fee.  

Simply select this fly line "add on" option and tell us the specifics of what you need in the notes section at checkout.  Please allow at least 5 business days for us to secure your desired line, before we ship your rental gear to you.