About Us

Rent This Rod, LLC is a North Carolina-based company that specializes in providing premium fly rods, reels, line, and accessories as rental items for anglers looking to experience such hard goods on a short-term basis.  We serve anglers of all needs - whether you are looking for a rod/reel combo to target a fish species that's outside of your norm, across the world, or if you're interested in a demo of a rod that you're considering purchasing, but would truly like to try it before you buy it. 

We can meet your need.



Rent This Rod was created by Brian Guengerich and David Moore.  Both natives of Asheville, NC, their paths crossed several years ago.  Acquaintances turned to friendship, which quickly turned into that most sacred of relationships... fishing buddies.  Years of fishing and time spent on the water together led to some interesting conversations (and "your mom" jokes, but that's another story) about the lack of high quality fly rod and reel rental options and thus... 
Rent This Rod was born.