Where can I rent?

Enjoy 10 or 14-day rentals anywhere.

We currently ship to clients anywhere within the continental U.S.   Hawaii and Alaska, we can ship to you but we have to charge extra since you're so far away from NC, but don't fret - you have plenty of other things going for you.  You'll be alright.

Your rental period doesn't include the time that the rod is in transit.  You'll have a solid 10-day or 14-day period to enjoy your Rent This Rod fly rod and reel.

Enjoy daily rental options in Western North Carolina.

Rent This Rod is based in Asheville, NC, where the local trout streams are some of the best in the country.  Whether you're fishing for native brookies in headwater streams off the Blue Ridge Parkway, monster brown trout via the Nantahala River, or Carolina bonefish or bass in one of our many lakes, Rent This Rod is pleased to offer daily rentals to our local customers.