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Thomas & Thomas Makers -- Exocett and Exocett SS

Developed to meet the challenges of the most demanding species and destinations, T&T’s Exocett Series of high-performance saltwater fly rods are infused with the exceptional strength and dampening characteristics of [their] proprietary StratoTherm Resin.

These light-weight rods are defined by a powerful, fast-dampening action that lifts line off the water with ease, and a thin-diameter top section that slices through the wind for quick and accurate casts. Once hooked-up, Exocett rods support anglers with immense strength and reserve power to battle and land the baddest fish on the planet, from giant trevally to tarpon.

 The highly versatile Exocett SS rods are designed to counter the inherent challenges of casting sinking lines or ultra-compact floating lines. Powerful rod tips help to easily pull sinking lines to the surface, while the steep multi-modulus blanks dampen excess shock associated with heavy lines or weighted flies, generating distance and accuracy with fewer false casts. The exceptionally low swing weight of Exocett SS rods amplifies the sensation of hooking and fighting fish, while the Strato-Therm resin construction provides the strength necessary to pry a monster from the depths. Grips are Flor-grade cork reinforced with high density rubberized composite.  Description taken from 

Rent This Rod currently offers these fly rods in the following length / line-weights: 


9'0" - 6wt  4-piece

9'0" - 8wt  4-piece

9'0" - 9wt 4-piece

9'0" - 10wt  4-piece

9'0" - 11wt 4-piece

9'0" - 12wt  4-piece

Exocett SS

8'8" - 250gr (8wt) 4-piece

8'8" - 350gr (10wt) 4-piece

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Thomas & Thomas Makers -- Zone

 The Zone series pushes the envelope in both performance and price, bringing the latest R&D from Thomas & Thomas to more fly anglers than ever before. Sharing the advanced StratoTherm resin developed for the acclaimed Avantt and Exocett series, Zone rods are rolled and built by hand alongside those flagship models right here in their USA facility.  Description taken from

 Rent This Rod currently offers this fly rod in the following length / line-weights: 

9'0" - 8wt  4-piece

9'0" - 10wt  4-piece

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Clutch Fly Rods -- Archipelago

Archipelago Rods feature a slim profile designed to slice through extreme coastal winds, and high-modulus blank construction that blends delicacy with power.  The result is a rod capable of reaching out to deliver tarpon flies delicately to laid up fish, with the backbone to break the spirit of the largest saltwater bruisers quickly and under demanding conditions.  The Saltwater Archipelago Series are four-piece rods featuring REC Recoil Snake guides, light weight Titanium Stripper Guides with SIC inserts, and a light weight natural finish with UV Coating, anodized aluminum reel seat with laser engraved CLUTCH logo.  Description taken from

Rent This Rod currently offers this fly rod in the following length / line-weights: 


9'0" - 7wt  4-piece

9'0" - 8wt  4-piece

9'0" - 9wt  4-piece

9'0" - 10wt  4-piece

9'0" - 11wt  4-piece

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More Rods Are On The Way - Please Check Back Soon!

Rent This Rod is pleased to currently offer quality products from Thomas & Thomas Makers and Clutch Fly Rods to our customers.  We update our rod inventory throughout the year, based on demand.

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