Saltwater Fly Reels

 Quality fly rods should, and deserve to, be paired with quality reels.  Rent This Rod has partnered with Hatch Outdoors, Abel, and Ross Reels USA in order to offer the finest reels on earth to our customers.  These brands represent a superior level of quality and durability that compliment our rental rod arsenal incredibly well.   


Reels are paired with rods, based on size and the environment you intend to fish.  Rent This Rod staff will make these pairings at our discretion and ability.  If you have a strong preference for one of our premium reel brands vs. another, please let us know and we'll do our absolute best to accommodate, although we cannot make guarantees as our inventory is constantly in flux. 

Reels will arrive to you pre-spooled with quality fly line and backing from Scientific Anglers, unless arranged otherwise.

Hatch Gen 2 Finatic


Available Sizes:

Hatch 7+ Gen 2 Finatic

Hatch 9+ Gen 2 Finatic

Hatch 11+ Gen 2 Finatic

Abel SDS (Sealed Drag Salt)


Available Sizes:

Abel SDS 11/12

Ross Reels Evolution R Salt


Available Sizes:

Ross Evolution R Salt 9/10

Ross Evolution R Salt 11/12