Rental Rates

Rent This Rod specializes in shipping premium fly rods and reels to our customers' doors. 


10-day rentals - $150 per rod / $180 per rod/reel combo

Need your equipment for longer?

14-day rentals - $220 per rod / $250 per rod/reel combo

Front-end shipping costs (economy) are included in our prices.  If you need expedited shipping we can absolutely accommodate that at your expense.  You will have the rod or rod/reel combo at your disposal for a solid 10 or 14 days, depending on what package you prefer.  Shipping transit times are not included in your rental days.  When you're all done, re-use the shipping tube or box that the rod/reel came in, take it to your local shipping office and mail it back to us - simple as that.

Local rentals (Western NC) per day:

Fly Rods - $40

Rod/Reel Combo - $50

A security deposit will be held up front for any rental - shipped or local - in addition to your rental rate.  Once we receive the returned rod or rod/reel combo from you and verify the condition of the items, your security deposit(s) will be released.

Refer to the bottom of this page for damage fees.  


What if I break my rod?

Sounds like a personal problem, bro....

Just kidding.  We understand accidents happen.  If you happen to break one of our fly rods or reels, no sweat.  Simply send it back to us and you'll only be charged a flat $100 damage fee on top of whatever rental fee you've already paid.  We'll handle the rest and get it fixed.

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